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Are you a SISSYBOY?!

SISSYBOY is a punk rock, back-hand slap in the face, explosive reaction to the ever prevalent need to bend gender roles until they break. Taking the torch from our sisters before us, SISSYBOY has transcended traditional drag by welcoming all gender queer and radical thinkers into a world where anything and everything goes. No londer hiding their complex sexual identities behind the make-up; SISSYBOYs radiate their energy as vulnerable men, fierce women and sadistic shamans, working out our demons on stage.

Theatrically, SISSYBOY is a monthly drag experience of hairspray, duct tape, eyelash adhesive, and stage vomit--all safety-pinned into an unforgetably glamorous show. Tied together by common threads, SISSYBOYs are a progressive drag ensemble, who are at the forefront of the current cultural revolution--entertaining and enlightening their audience while bridging the gap between conventional and unconventional gender darling, you too are a star!

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